Led Zeppelin II Serif - Old Style?

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Does anyone know what this serif is please? Apologies for the poor quality scan.

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The capitals look very close to [Bad link] (or extra light) by SoftMaker but I have no clue about the lowercase

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Thanks. I don't think that's it though as the M and W are wrong. So are the numerals. It's very similar to Cochin. Garamond, Goudy etc, but nome of them are quite right...

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Looks like Goudy’s work.
After doing some research I suspect this to be Pabst Roman done for ATF, not digitized.
Goudy later licensed Pabst Oldstyle to the Lanston Type Library.

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Having no samples of Pabst Roman to compare, I thought I'd throw out something that looks mighty close to the blurry image provided - Egmont.

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