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Microsoft Word 2010 OpenType Stylistic set

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Microsoft Word 2010 OpenType Stylistic set

Stiking out at the Microsoft Community so I thought I'd try here!

We're updating a series we do in Word to 2010 and an OTF. The note reference numbers in the series are "special" so in the 2003 template the Footnote Reference style was set to a different font than the Default Paragraph Font.

For use in the 2010 template the new OTF font has a stylistic set for these "special" numbers that for some reason isn't getting applied to the embedded footnote or endnote references.

If I simply type a number and style that number as the Footnote Reference style the OpenType feature that is set in that style (Stylistic Set 1) is applied to the number. Likewise, if I create a style based on the Footnote Reference style, numbers to which that style is applied ALSO get the OpenType feature applied.

However, the references for embedded footnotes and endnote do NOT get the OpenType feature applied even though when I select them they show they are styled with Footnote Reference, which has the OT feature applied and works on a regular number.

This happens on 2 machines with different versions of Windows.

Has any one else seen anything similar? Seem like a bug?

Thanks very much,