Adobe Caslon Characteristics

I'm new here, so I hope this is an alright place to pose this question..
I'm working on a typographic characteristic poster with Adobe Caslon as my font. I am having trouble figuring out noteworthy aspects of the characters, however, and was hoping I could get some help here. Obviously the uppercase Q's tail is important, as well as the curved apex of the A, but I'm struggling to come up with much more than that. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
-I'm supposed to have around 20 characteristics, by the way.


you mad bro!

Perhaps the main notable thing about Caslon's types is their very high degree of inconsistency (which some people see as warm, and others -including myself- as sloppy). Speaking of the "Q", it's especially notable in the Italic, where it undergoes dramatic topological changes depending on point size; see this old post
including the image link.