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the lettering below was created for the visual identity project of an economy/administration insitute. the client, which wanted to have a mixed signature of his company (symbol + typography), liked the type so much that decided not to use the symbol.


i liked the result a too, and am starting to think about drawing the whole alphabet, just as an exercise.

here are some characters that i already sketched:


i want to create a version with less weight, a 'normal' version of this 'bold' font. can anyone sugest some literature on this matter - generating differente weights of the same typeface? it would be of great help...

thanks in advance, sorry for the not-so-good english...


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here they are:



other characters:


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ok, third time:



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Ohhh! I love it!

As for generating different weights, you could try with the offset path in Illustrator if that's what you are using. You will have to adjust it manually afterwards though.

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beautiful work! it reminds me somewhat of Barry Deck's Arbitrary Sans -- that is not to infer you took anything from his work, but it is very reminiscent.

please post your continued efforts with this family, I would be very interested to see how you execute the lighter weight.

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I think this is better than most of Deck's work.


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