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Typeface ID

Could you please help me to identify the typeface (if it's not lettering)



It has a Jill Bell kinda vibe, but it's not one of hers…bummer.

Part of some words or letters that could have been duplicated (mainly "and"), this is most probably a handwritten calligraphy, meaning not-a-font (all /A are different).
You may like the work of Jessica McCarty,Emily Lime, Crystal Kluge, Jill Bell, Laura Worthingthon, Manuel Corradine, Alejandro Paul, Maximiliano Sproviero, Sabrina Lopez.
A list of some loosely similars: Saissant, Vermandois, Jacques and Gilles, Carolyna, Peoni, Bombshell, Katie Rose, Roskrift Clean, Plumero, Dear Sarah, Antrokas

Thank you very mach!