Newbie Needs Help! Can we identify these type's?

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I am trying to identify the 2 typefaces used in the logo. If you can help i would appreciate it.

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Both hand-lettered…

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Look at that logo - how could they possibly be typefaces?

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Unfortunately, as previously said, both are most probably hand-lettered or, at least, (heavily) customization of existing typefaces.
Have a look to Hydro74/Legacy Of Defeat, Letterhead Fonts, Billy Argel, Mister Check Andrey Chernevich and IFC Anton Krylov would probably give you some good base material.

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thanks Guys, i assumed they were customised typefaces. i have since found some very similar ones and will be trying them out. Thanks guys, looks like i am going back to hand lettering again to create a similar look.

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The right string, baby, but the wrong yo-yo…

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