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I am designing the latest issue of one of my magazines. The font we use is Kepler as headings and body copy mixed with Verlag as title headings. I am not loving the font Kepler and want to change it but not too dramatically - any advice much appreciated on which alternative font I could use that would mix well with Verlag. I have looked at Farnham but fear it may be too trendy for the magazine. It is a womans magazine, but for the older generation.

Thanks in advance

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If it's for “the older generation,” make sure than whatever font you choose has a large body set and x-height. My personal favorite—as an older generation guy, mind you—is Poppl Laudatio…

However, a complete set of this face would be mighty pricey. IMHO, Farnham appears to be an acceptable alternate (old broads can be hip, too, you know). Plus, the swash italic options are quite ladylike, without being too girly…

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It might help to nail down what you don't like about Kepler.


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