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Open Type scripting dilemma

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Open Type scripting dilemma

hello folks, i have aquestion about ot scripting.

the font i'm working on is uppercase only and it has a lot of stylistic sets. of course i had to include lowercase glyphs too, but they just mirror the uppercase glyphs. however, for the alternative glyphs, i don't do uc and lc for each one of them, only the uc.

then i put only the uc glyphs in my stylistic sets classes and so for this to work with the lc as well, i'm doing a lookup that changes lowercase into uppercase before each substitution.

feature ss01 {
lookup ss01a { sub @lower by @upper; } ss01a;
lookup ss01b { sub @class_0 by @class_1; } ss01b; # they contain only uppercase
} ss01;

this way it's more organized, easier to script and the font has only one alternative glyph for both the uc and lc version of each base glyph. but is this method okay from the performance and usability point of view?

i hope it's all understandable :) thanks!