New Font-Family: Mevum

The Mevum font, which is showcased on 26+ since 2011 becomes a whole font-family now. An extraordinary true italic with an 18° angle and appropriate bold styles complete the family.


My aim to create a sans serif, which shouldn’t look too cold and clean, but nevertheless have a technical look. Attend from the first sketches until the full realization. A simple rectangle shape with bevelled angles and slightly convex curves formed the base of this concept. Through that, Mevum bridges the gap between human and technology, without the letters appearing too intellectual and unflexible. Mevum picks up characteristic trait e.g. from architecture, engineering, electronics, science and sports, thus areas that have in common their practicality and orientation after the human being and its lifestyle.


In spite of the reduction, the letters should express a friendly and warm personality, without loosing the distinction from one to another. Letters like the capital “I” an the lowercase “l” are especially different. Furthermore the lowercase “a” has a midbar, lowercase “g” is two storied. The combination “rn” shouldn’t look at small text sizes like a letter “m”. Also the letter “f” with its descender is untypical for a common grotesque and grabs into the following leading. Furthermore I focussed on the interaction between regular and the italic styles. In contrary to a common sans serif the italic of Mevum has a 18° angle (a contemporary italic has usually a 8° angle). Therefore the italic expresses a own rhythm and character as the regular. So both—regular and italic—keep their own characteristic texture in running text. I wanted to give the user the opportunity to discover the Mevum. Besides the distinctiv diagonal bar on m, n, p, d there are tiny details such as the truncated corners on the end of the stems or the form of the serifs on top left on letters like B, D, P and R which become especially visible in large textsizes.

Full Characterset: Regular

Full Characterset: Italic

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Mevum is now available at Gestalten Fonts
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hrant's picture

This is superb - groundbreaking - especially the Italic*. Thank you for making it.

* Is it a bit too tight? Not sure.

BTW the link on 26+ to Die Gestalten Fonts is wrong.


J Weltin's picture

This Italic should have made it for London Olympia!

oldnick's picture

@J Weltin—

Agreed: what a dog’s dinner of a typeface they chose. What was the message? London Bridge is falling down?

J Weltin's picture


Is it falling? :-)
Well, there have been plenty of discussions in the internet about the Olympics typography, also here on Typophile.

metatype's picture

@ hrant:
Thanks for your feedback, glad you like it!
I try to constitute a really high contrast in texture between regular and italic. In my opinion, common contemporary italics in sans-serif families are more "untended" as in classic typefaces, like e.g. a Adobe-Garamond-Italic. And I have considered that such classic italics have generally a tighter spacing, probably to keep the typical flow in an italic.
And thank’s to point out the broken link =)

@ J Weltin:
Good idea! BTW next Olympia will surely come.

oldnick's picture

The next Olympiad will probably occur…at least, if there’s a buck to be made and the annoying trend in superior female athleticism quietly goes away…unless, of course, the New Paradigm Shift actually occurs on December 21…

Té Rowan's picture

Right nice to see italics that can stand this much lean.

Hmm... Beer-flavoured tea?

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