Arsenal free font for Cyrillic and Latin

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dear friends typophiles!
i am glad to present you new Arsenal contrast sans typeface. the project wins the contest for ukrainian font by Mystetsky Arsenal foundation and Stairfors design studio (some info in english about it you can find here and here).
so now it is typefamily of four fonts, released under OFL for free download.

interesting that it includes few unusual historic alternates for cyrillic letters (like latin-looking f with double bar for ф or round form for я) from old ukrainian origins.

please get the files at, also here is project page on behance.

thank you for watching!

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This is too nice to give away for free!


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Agreed, but some of us are simply too generous for our own good…

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Agree with Hrant, but still: THANKS!

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Hrant, Nick,Jeffrey thank you!
creating new ukrainian typeface and giving it away was a goal of contest. so thanks to organizers!

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First time in a long time I have wanted to praise anything named Arsenal.

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I really like the contrast.

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thank you, Té! here is more interesting about Mystetsky Arsenal, it is major art place in the heart of Kyiv

thank you, Nick! glad to hear it ))

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