Lowercase Capital A

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Looking for cursive fonts where the uppercase A is in the shape of a lowercase A. Is there a term for that? And/or any suggestions?

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Look under "uncial", "semi-uncial", "unicase" and "ambicase".

And I remember one/some of the Andron fonts having that.


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By "cursive" do you mean a script typeface? Or italic?
Adios script

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Almost all fonts that are designed to help teach cursive handwriting have that feature. See D'Nealian fonts. Here are some images

- Herb

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Great, thanks!

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eliason: I suppose I just meant slanty and non-roman. Thanks for the suggestion!

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One of the alternate forms of Zapfino has such an A. Ah -- it's Zapfino Four. It's probably available as a stylistic set in Zapfino Pro.

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