Need help to identify the font

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Is there someone who can help me identify this old and probably handwritten font from an old comic artbook ""Book of the Damned" by Epic Comics (printed in 1990-s). It resembles slightly retro fonts like GrandeGuignol but that one is not the same.

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This almost looks like a screen font. I remember doing things like this with my Atari back before I got my first Mac. I searched Dafont in the 'Gothic' category, but I am not sure what this might be classified.

- Mike Yanega

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bowfinpw, thank you for prompting, I found in this category one similar font named The love you find in hell by Rory Minchin-King -
but glyphs in that font differ a bit from the sample (they lack those thin serifs). Does someone know, maybe there is another version of this font from the same designer, or another font created by someone else but based on The love you find in hell? (I guess such a font must be not younger than 1990-s).

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Sadly people didn't stop making crappy fonts after the 90s. And Dafont is certainly a premier crap depository.


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