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Noob troubles and Solutions

Being Noob always sucks especially when you are in the company of best. Recently I've decided not to ask noob questions on the forum. Also i had recently gotten into trouble with my FL studio. When ever i open a glyph cell i had to open the tools toolbar again and again. I didn't know what the problem was. I wanted to post it in typophile forums but I had restrained myself from doing so. I never knew i would find the actual solution but today i miraculously found the solution. I had the autohide feature turned on( i just wondered what it was when i turned it on and completely forgot it). Now it is working flawlessly and i am happy that i found out the solution. It might not be a lot but it gave me confidence.
P.S. Be careful while you are messing with your software


I've decided not to ask noob questions on the forum.

I think it's not the noobiness of the question that matters, it's how much effort you put into it before you ask for help. If it's something in the manual for example definitely don't pester people. But most of the good questions are not in the manual...

In fact a noob can't learn without asking noob questions. What, you're going to ask advanced questions right from the get-go? :-)


Best to post things like this on the General Discussion boare:


Or the Design board:


People dont look at the blog section for things like this. The Blog section is just that. A blog.

I would re-post this question if you want any advice.

And as far as asking questions go, you don’t ger what you don’t ask for ;)

(I would also recommend using your real name as your screen name)

Actually I didn't want this to be a question. It was supposed to be an entry. I am not very sure what the blog entries in this forum are meant for...