Typographic Wall Calendar 2013 (4th Edition)

With the new year ahead it is time for thinking about calendars!
I'm working on a calendar project since 2009.
This year it's the fourth time for me to produce the Typographic Wall Calendar and I wanted to share that with you.

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Awesome yet again!


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Sorry, obviously I hit the save button a bit to fast.
Here is a picture of the 2013 edition.
Made of 2000 and 13 keys.
The size is 70 x 100cm and reproduces the keys in original size.
I hope you enjoy it.

You can back the project until October 31 on Kickstarter:
http://kck.st/2000and13 (no shipping costs world wide)

Beginning November prints are available from my Website:
http://haraldgeisler.com (with shipping costs)

Also I wanted to encourage you to share your typography inspired calendars, since this is obviously a topic that interests me.


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@hrant thanks! :)

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