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Sans Serif Logo font from a racecar


It was the best picture I had, unfortunately. What I need is the font that makes up the majority of the "Performance Technology" logo. I know that the T and P have been customized for the logo, but the rest of the words seem to just be one font.

Also, if you guys could find the Mountain River font too, that would be fantastic. I can make those words myself if I needed too, but it would be much easier if I had the real font.




What? Just something close to it. It doesn't need to be perfect...

The “seriously” question was aimed, I believe, at the incredibly poor quality of the image provided: you can’t identify what you cannot clearly discern. That being said, Vorpal looks to be a good kinda-sorta match…

Thank you guys. Those fonts will do nicely. I was only looking for a kinda-sorta match so I figured the picture didn't need to be too perfect. It was all I had anyways.

Thanks again!