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Borderlands 2 Hyperion Corporation Signage

This is a compilation of glyphs used on signs related to the Hyperion Corporation in the game Borderlands 2.
These are slanted oddly due to perspective of the viewer in the reference photos, and because many of the signs use slanted text that changes slant across each line. Differing sizes of text are because I left all text at the resolution they appeared in the references.
The signs only use capitals, and the period is a square. Most of the font is pretty unremarkable, but hopefully the G is distinctive enough to be recognized.

The attached file is the unmodified image that these were crudely ripped from.


You are probably looking for http://Ash free font by Billy-Joe Lee
[Cherrylane, 2007]

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

Thank you. I actually just found that myself by manually browsing Dafont, and was about to update the thread. Many thanks anyways.