Any software to export all the glyphs as a PDF file?

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Hey guys,

I was just wondering if there is a software which can export all the glyphs in the to a PDF file just by a click( instead of manually typing all the glyphs)


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all the glyphs in

I meant all the glyphs in that particular font file. It should preferably be a PDF file(not a great fan of printing, unless it is absolutely essential)

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What font editing software are you using?

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One of the tools in Adobe's Font Dev Kit does exactly this.

(Addendum: though not in a single click, as they are all command line tools)

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Ben Kiel’s GlyphProofer does exactly that. It's for OS X, and you can get it here:

You can add several fonts (eg. all the upright fonts of the same family) and have each glyph render as a string of the weights of the fonts you have added.

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I am using fontlab studio windows. Unfortunately i don't have a mac right now. But i am going to get one in 4-5 months (Yay!)
Okay just asking, how hard is learning AFDKO?

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How hard? From what I gather: very. It would probably be easiest to generate a scratch copy of the font, install it, then construct a file to export or print to PDF is your favorite desktop application…

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If you generate a scratch TTF, you can use FRET, part of SIL's FontUtils -- no font install needed.

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I vaguely remember doing this once... first exported the glyphs to EPS with FontLab (select glyphs, File > Export > EPS), then used something else to batch convert EPS to PDF (probably a Mac/Unix shell script).

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@Ralph that script is brillliant.. Thanks.. That is what I wanted.

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It would be good of Ben Kiel to make a Windows version.


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[Hi Jack!]

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