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Korinna heavy rounded / similar?

hi, I'm trying to find this type. It looks like its a heavy, rounded version of Korinna. Is that a thing?
Or is this a handcrafted version?

any help is greatly appreciated.


It's possible this is Korinna with added stroke, which would tend to round the serifs. Some cheap font collections rename the fonts and produce new weights in a similar way. For example, the old FontBank collection had a very heavy weight version of Korinna, but I don't recall the name they used.

- Mike Yanega

There is (was?) an extra-bold weight of Korinna, but this sample looks like it might have degraded through multiple stages of reproduction. Maybe somebody didn't have the original hard copy or file, so they scanned or photocopied a printed page, which made the letters spread a little. If you repeat this process a couple of times (a common practice in the pre-digital age), you get letters in a weight that doesn't match any existing design of the font. The rounded corners are usually a clue that this has happened.