Assissins Creed 3 - trailer font

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the font used in Assissins Creed 3 is Trajan, if I'm not mistaking...
In the trailer, they use another font. The word Rise has a specific R. Can anyone help id-ing this font?

Thanks a lot.

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This question was raised elsewhere in this forum, but I don't know that it was answered. Search for “assassins” won't help you find it; the Search function on this site is dismal. However, you might want to scroll through the listings for the past few days to try to locate it.

FWIW, it looks like a custom job, based on Palatino…

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Previous discussion, unfortunately unsolved:
Somehow, it reminds me of Utopia but it would need a lot of work to customize.
Loosely similar: Le Monde Journal

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Thanks for your help guys.

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Cartesius Bold with negative stroke applied gets pretty close, I think.

- Mike Yanega

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