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Recreating a logo

Hi everybody,

I need to recreate this logo for my client but was wondering if anyone could identify the font used as they only have low resolution jpegs of the logo.

Thanks in advance.



Not a font at all. But should be relatively easy to redraw in any vector application such as Illustrator or Corel Draw. You could even use an autotrace facility to get started, then clean up the result.

- Herb

Thanks Herb,

I have redrawn it but the client was hoping to use the font for other things as well, if it existed. Would you know of any similar faces?

Thanks again.


What you have are two shapes (which happen to look like letters of the alphabet) that were drawn to fit together and into a particular oval.

Even those two letters were not designed consistently, as they would be in a typeface - the two downstrokes of the A are significantly different, while those on the H are the same. The H has serifs, where the A does not.

"Similar" is in the mind of the beholder - the aspects that might make something look similar to me are probably not the same ones that appeal to someone else. Those initials have some characteristics of Swash faces,some characteristics of scripts, and some characteristics of display fonts that simulate calligraphy or brush strokes.


Thanks for your help Herb.