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Clear handwritten script, pen and ink, in slightly shaky hand

I saw this in a recently produced documentary photography book, being used to typeset quotes. It resembles handwriting in pen and ink, and is slightly blotchy in outline. I wonder if the spaced out characters are indicative to the font or whether they have been treated that way. The spacing makes it look modern, but the characters, especially the r and ascending/descending characters look old fashioned. Any clues?


All of my type reference books are packed, waiting to be sent to the University of Virginia Library, but it looks German, circa 1930 or so…

Mueller, Stephan/Lineto/BatardeCoulee

Hi DPape - that's exactly the one yes! Many thanks indeed. I like the Lineto website.

Beat me to it! here is the showing in the Script Font ID Guide.

- Mike Yanega

Only $150 USD - if I converted correctly. Oh my ...