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hey please tell me some typeface which gives feel about confidence and energetic ..

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This feels a lot like your shoe-logo question.


They wouldn’t happen to be for the same class would they?

If it is for research, when asking for help on a bulletin board for be sure to cite it properly lest you be accused of plagiarism. According to APA 6.0 the proper way to do this is:

Dean, C. (2012, October 28). Re: Thread title (Online forum comment). Retrieved from http://url of the thread

In this case, replace my name and date with the time and person who answered your question.

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Firm curves and firm serifs exude confidence. It might be hard to reconcile with energy, which comes party from movement (deep arches, slant, directional serifs). Something like Caecilia might be about right, especially a darker weight (since that adds confidence too).


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Confident and energetic?


Lucien Bernhard knew how to strut his stuff…

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