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Opera News magazine font

Hallo everybody, any help on this fantastic font?
Something similar?
Here more examples: http://imprint.printmag.com/daily-heller/covering-the-operas-high-notes/


Very "Compacta" but all eyes are narrower. Same vein is Jampact but the overall design is off. There's also Plakette but /R leg finial is different.

Thanks Ryuk.
I like Jampact, but the magazine font looks more irregular.

Given the 1966-67 publication dates this may have been a typeface that never got digitized, or was never a font in the first place.
I have looked through the Encyclopedia of Typefaces but have not seen this particular one.

Yes, Atwe, I'm afraid there is no digital version.
Was hoping to find a surrogate, something not too squared but still not too "funny".
Too bad, anyway: really love that masthead.