Need to recreate a font

I need to find which font is this

Thx in advance


Very close to Modula.

I think this is a font called {name removed} that I always thought was a customization of Emigre Modula.

- Mike Yanega

p.s. after seeing the responses I also removed the name. I have the font, but it may have come with one of those 500 fonts for $5 disks you could buy about 20 years ago. It's about that old.


what about this one, if its not too much trouble?

Please start a new thread for a new question.

- Mike Yanega

oh, ok, sorry

Mike, do you have a link to {name removed}?


I also found this "Institution" font but, after checking (simply googling it...), it appears to be a WSI font so I decided not to talk about it, supposing it would be another of their rip-offs. I finally found Modula and decided to consider it as the unique valid answer I could give.

Yes, it does seem like a rip-off. In which case: thanks for not linking! :-)

In fact I even removed the name of the font from my post (which of course only makes sense if you guys do that too).


Hrant, I have edited my post. I knew I had the font, but not where it came from, as I stated in my edited post.

- Mike Yanega

Thank you Mike. Ryuk? :-)