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"United" poster—mix of vintage typefaces

Hi all!

LOVE this poster, and have been wanting to ID the "yes" in old Open signs for awhile so I thought I'd throw this up and see if anyone can ID it. Thanks so much Typophilers!


This is Metroscript, Trade Gothic, and Valuco (which is inspired by the classic OPEN signs, which used custom lettering, not a font).

Where did you see the poster? Part of the Obama campaign gear?

Stephen you GENIUS YOU. I thought I had Metroscript down but the rest escaped me.

The poster popped up on Facebook. It wasn't "official" I dont' think but certainly beautiful. Reminds me (though opposite in emotional content) to the Young Jerks "Sorry, but we're OCCUPIED" poster from early this year.

Thanks Stephen!

Got in touch with the designer, Christopher Simmons, who coincidentally just contributed the sign to Fonts In Use!

Thanks Jeff. It is indeed, official. The prints were commissioned by the design director for Obama for America. They're only available from the physical store at their headquarters in Chicago. Hopefully I'll be doing an un0numbered reprint after the election...

Christopher! LOVE THIS. Such good work. I'll be stalking your output now—thanks!