mecanorma astral font: dream or reality?

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does anyone know if there is a good digital version of this mecanorma typeface "astral"?
i've been searching without any positive results

thanks in advance


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The only one I can find is a low quality free font named Easter Sunrise by Renn Crump

I found it using Find my Font -

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yes, i know that one, but it's really awful..
and the same happens for other nice fonts such as MN Pluto



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Well it would be pretty simple to produce, if FontLab’s Merge Contours feature worked a little more reliably…

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dear nick, i know you're doing a lovely/precious work on that kind of typefaces, and i'm kind of collecting it; if you would consider working also on astral, it would really be nice


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The only relevant image that Google finds for "mecanorma astral" is ... the one above! Sadly, I lost my Mecanorma sample book ages ago. I cannot recall the last time I used a real rub-off font.

Did you scan this yourself? If so, can you post a hi-res scan of a couple of characters? I'm trying to see if all characters have the same background image (or with just tiny variations).

On a related note: would the background in the punctuation be missing because it was too difficult to do, or for purely artistic reasons?

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I guess there would rarely be uses for this lettering where you would use punctuation. This isn't a font for sentences, I would say.

- Mike Yanega

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yes, this is a low-res version of a pic i scanned several months ago from a paper catalog: the original image is pretty little, so the high res scan shows print imperfections and the paper texture; however, as soon as i'll be' back in my studio i'll check and post it; punctuation background image is missing and i guess this is because there is not enough room inside them, and because you're not supposed to go too long with that kind of weird/funny display font


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CanadaType seems to be selling some of the old Mecanorma fonts, so you could contact them and ask.

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I know that Neufville in Barcelona has some relationship to Mecanorma.


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Nice to see there is still an interest in Mecanorma Fonts. I am one of the owners of the new company that owns all Mecanorma fonts. I can tell you that the requested font is currently not available as a digital font.

Of the many fonts we have, only a small amount are available in digital format.

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Great of you to show up! Of course it will take time to revive everything in digital - but is there a simple list of the fonts somewhere? That might help some people quite a bit.

BTW, I think there are a lot of unauthorized digital versions of your fonts all around the Internet... Do you plan on taking any action against those?


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