"Car and Driver" magazine sans + serif

Hello! What might be the serif and the condensed sans used in this nice magazine cover?


For the masthead my first thought was some version of Impact but that’s not it. It’s also similar to the Microsoft typeface Haettenschweiler, and Helvetica Ultra Compressed (slightly expanded), but not every detail matches.

I agree that "CAR AND DRIVER" looks like http://Helvetica Extra Compressed may be a bit emboldened

"CAMARO ZL1" must be http://Freight Disp Black SC by Garage-Fonts

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

Yes, it's definitely Freight. Thanks, fvilanakis. There's same nice type in use photos in http://www.dardenstudio.com

And the logo font question remains open. It's a nice font. Is there any chance that it's not a custom one?

My gut feeling is that it was customised to suit the taste of the designer/make it unique or whatever, although it is possible they just mixed glyphs from more than one face to do this.

Really a very nice car magazine cover. It looks really beautiful with the two colorful cars. Car with the car operators in the picture and it is really quite perfect for the cover page of Car and Driver magazine.