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Script font from mid-90's video game

Hello. I've been trying to identify a script font used in Capcom's "Darkstalkers" series of video games that was produced in the mid 1990's.

Here are the font graphics that are actually used in the game itself:
And here are some clippings from a promotional flyer that use the same font:

I've used several online resources, but have yet to find a match. Any help would be appreciated.


Odds are they are bitmap "fonts" created just for the game itself.

I had considered that, but I know that the game uses other preexisting fonts (Ondine, for example, at the top of this screen), and the fact that the same font seems to have been used in a printed material makes me think that this is an actual font of some sorts.

The font in the logo looks very similar to Stewart Sans but its not exact.