The Hamilton Wood Type Foundry announces 2 new fonts and newly redesigned HWT Foundry site

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For Immediate Release:
Buffalo, NY USA- November 2, 2012

The Hamilton Wood Type Foundry announces two new fonts- HWT Antique Tuscan No. 9 and HWT Borders One…and a newly redesigned HWT Foundry site.

HWT Antique Tuscan No. 9 is a very condensed 19th century Tuscan style wood type design with a full character set and ligatures. This design was first shown by Wm H Page Co in 1859 and is the first digital version of this font to include a lowercase and extended European character set.

HWT Borders One features a collection of 80 modular decorative elements from the Hamilton Wood Type Collection. The borders and streamers found in this font are based directly on the designs offered by the Hamilton Manufacturing company at the end of the 19th Century.

These two fonts join HWT American Chromatic, the inaugural font from The Hamilton Wood Type Foundry that coincides with the US Presidential election season. HWT American Chromatic evokes classic Americana with stars and multi-color layering options. This highly decorative font set can be used in print and online display for sincere and ironic uses alike. The original design from 1857 was created as a two part font that selectively overlapped parts of each letter to achieve a third color where the inks overlapped. These 'chromatic' fonts are considered among the high points of the wood type era. Coincidentally, the latest introductions of web based typography allows for layering and transparency that directly parallels the innovations of the 19th century…for today's web use.

To learn more about these releases including background information, source materials and general information regarding the Hamilton Wood Type Foundry, visit the newly redesigned HWT foundry site:

About The Hamilton Wood Type Foundry (HWT)
The Hamilton Wood Type Foundry is a joint venture between P22 type Foundry and the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum that brings 19th Century ingenuity into relevance with the latest online technologies. HWT will see a large collection of wood type designs converted into digital fonts that can be used with the latest Webfont CSS and Opentype programming abilities. P22 is working with the Hamilton Museum and other collections of scarce printed specimens as well as actual wood type to render these classic designs into fully functioning computer fonts for a wide array of design uses. The inclusion of HWT to the P22 roster is a perfect addition to the legacy of keeping classic designs relevant and usable in contemporary design.

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