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Forgotten font used in a friend's logo

Hi, my friend forgot what font she used for her logo. I did try whatthefont iPhone app to identify it but no clue.
I hope someone will help me, please see the attachment. Thanks in advance. :)


That slightly-off backslash is ruining it.


It could be http://Myriad Pro (Light) or http://Kozuka Gothic Pro (Extra Light)

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

Thank you all! I think it is Myriad Pro (light) ;) Cheers!

@hrant, thanks for your suggestion, I will tell her about it.

If she wants a bit of tension making the backslant mismatch its adjacent diagonals is actually a good idea - it just needs to be a bit more obvious so it doesn't look like just a mistake. But if she wants a "calmer" logo (which is what that light Myriad is shooting for, at least to me) then making the backslant match the adjacent diagonals is better (probably clearly extending above and below though*, lest it blend in too much - making the logo too bland, and harder to read).

* Note that as it stands it's doing the latter more than the former (and not enough in either case).

BTW, I took a closer look and -no surprise- the "facing" diagonals of the "A" and "W" are not exactly parallel either (although they're very close). So if she does go for calm it might be worth tweaking those - but be careful, a lot can go wrong when messing with a font, especially a high-quality one!