Font similar to Palatino

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The scan is attached. This is from a book published in 1993, so the typeface may or may not be digitized. I am looking either for either a digital version of this typeface, or an existing typeface which closely approximates this.

WhatTheFont suggested Scriptorium Marquis, Marathon Serial, and Garamond. However, the line weights in this scan are of a more-or-less similar stroke width, ruling out the first two, and the capital T of Garamond has bidirectional serifs, while this has vertical serifs on the capital T, ruling out Garamond.

I am thinking of using Palatino to approximate this typeface; however, Palatino has more contrast between thick and thin strokes than what is in the attached image. Any suggestions?

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You can try also Aldus (Roman)
Another candidate (not so close but of less contrast) could be Stempel Schneidler (Medium)

I found them using Find my Font -

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Looks like URW Palladio to me.

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