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It is a pleasure to announce the release of Aleksei marking the official launch of our new typefoundry: Fatype.


Designed by Anton Koovit, Aleksei mixes a contemporary design with the traits of a classic text typeface.
Aleksei comes in four weights, from Thin to Black, all with italics and a large character set including small capitals.


Along with Aleksei, we are re-releasing Adam. Previously available through another typefoundry, Adam is an original sans-serif, concceived as Anton's graduation project for the TypeMedia course (The Hague, Netherlands). Adam cyrillic is also available.

In the coming weeks, we will offer Test versions for free download on our website.

All our fonts are available exclusively from http://www.fatype.com
You can follow us on facebook and twitter.

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This is the first time I have seen Faeroese used in a sample sheet!

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