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Wauford's Food Market

Can anyone here ID the main typeface on this signage? There are a lot of similar ones out there, but I can't find an exact match. Thanks in advance.


I’m not familiar with this particular face, but the style is called Gaspipe…

Sorry, I know you're after a match but I have found only a similar for now: Design System. The main big difference is the /K, the rest is very close.

EDIT: talking about this /K, it's clearly not as "gas-pipe" as the rest of the lettering... As it is was for a signage, they've may be decided to change and go with another /K to avoid any misreading because, as most of gas-pipe style fonts, the /K could be very (too) close to /H and so confusing.

Thanks gents.

food market is seem really big as the details written by ruth is great just got to much from his point of view its being great to reach on certain level, guys share some more formation on it....
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