ITC Flora Specimen Catalog

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Hi Typophiles;

I'm looking for a specimen catalog of ITC Flora, a Gerard Unger's design.

I find a copy on a Australian trader, but they wont supply European traders. Does anybody knows here can I find one copy of it?

Fábio Santos

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* 'where' not 'here'

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Don't know if this is what you're looking for, but there's a pdf specimen page available at
Direct link:
- Herb

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I'm looking for the original print version of it;
->your link is dead (?)
leave me to the typophile wiki: it's suppose?

But thanks @HVB

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Here's the correct link. You may have to do a copy/paste or type it in directly. For some reason Typophile is adding its own URL and wiki address.

I found it originally by googling for
ITC Flora Filetype:pdf

- Herb

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For some reason Typophile is adding its own URL and wiki address

Herb — IIRC, your original link (which you’ve now deleted, it appears) used the shortcut method, but without an “http://” protocol expressly included. Without that, the shortcut algorithm assumes it’s an internal link. And when it doesn’t find anything, it appends the string to a generic Wiki address.

By giving the address as plain text in your second post, the system picks up on the “www” and automatically converts this to an external link, adding the protocol as needed.


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