like albertus...

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but not! nor is it flareserif 821.
be grateful for your thoughts guys...
many thanks

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Check this old thread:
It must be "Furioso" by Glenn Fleishman

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bingo, thank you fvilanakis! perfect, impressed with that.

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Fleishman, Glenn/Furioso (~1994)

No current source found.

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I'm so pleased anyone remembers.

Furioso has a little history. I was pursuing my senior project in graphic design at Yale as an undergraduate. I worked at the (now gone) University Printing Service and the University Printer, the great letterpress designer and printer Roland Hoover, asked me to think about Albertus. The previous retired University Printer Greer Allen, a lovely man, had know Bertold Wolpe, and I felt I had a bit of an endorsement to do it. I worked for months on making and documenting a version of it. I called it Furioso after "Orlando Furioso," or "Roland the Berserker," in honor of Mr. Hoover (and to avoid trademark issues with Albertus).

As a poor post-undergraduate, I posted it as shareware (partial font) and eventually made about $500 (minus shipping costs) to send the font out to those who wanted the full face. Helped a lot in 1990!

Later, Monotype came out with an authorized version, but having studied Wolpe's drawings and many, many specimens, there's is not as authentic as mine. It was too regularized.

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Glenn, I’m curious: which Wolpe drawings did you actually study? The original ones that are in the Monotype Archives?

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Always nice to hear a personal font story.


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