Japanese and other non-western equivalents of classic typefaces?

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Hi all,
I am wondering if there is such a site that features a wide selection quality non-western fonts complete with documentation that is catered toward western designers that need to reference and use them. I am looking to learn more about the subject (is it called easternization?), and I am also looking for a Japanese equivalent to DIN, if there is such a thing.

Any help, or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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If you browse through the threads in which Ken Lunde (CJKV Type Development at Adobe) participated, you can find a good deal of information on the subject: http://typophile.com/user/14653/track

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So glad this was resurrected. That above link led me down a rabbit-hole full of valuable information on the subject, and Lunde's CJKV book looks like a great reference for both selecting and working with type.

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