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Hi everyone,
I'm doing an exercice in which I have to create a fusion between the letters M and R (from Mafalda Remoaldo). I've been doing some research but I found almost anything with those letters, do you have any images (Logos, typography, etc) that can serve as an example? I'll send this example, that I've made, so that it helps you selecting what you can send me

Thanks for the help

Mafalda Remoaldo

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Google image search for 'MR logo' gives hundreds of examples.

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First of all you need to figure out what the logo should say. It can't just be a formal exercise (even if it's just a formal exercise :-).


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I would give some serious reconsideration to this approach. It kinda looks like a recumbent fat guy with a boner right now…

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First of all try with paper and pen. Draw every concept or design for that letter you get into your mind separately and then try to combine them. :)

- Prerak.

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You might want to keep some distance from the Indian rupee sign.


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Also google images for MR Monogram

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