New Dutch magazine De Liefde

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There's a new Dutch magazine called De Liefde (Love). It has a really distinct use of 2 fonts. Could anyone help me id-ing both the title font and the font used for the headers.

Thanks a lot!

tijdschriftdeliefde.png323.1 KB
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Looks a bit like this one.
Any help would really be appreciated.

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The masthead is probably custom, the bold headlines handwritten (cf. the different ‘A’ and ‘N’ glyphs in ‘HALINA REIJN’). The condensed headline seems to be a font, but it’s likely to be exclusive. Better sample here.

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Thanks R.
Do you have any ideas on the second image I posted?
Reminds me of Bookman Swash...

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Your second image is actually Herb Lubalin monogram, one of his numbering letterings. And I guess you're right for Bookman Swash, probably a good alternative to work on. I strongly encourage you to have a look to Mark Simonson's fantastic revival of Bookman called Bookmania, full of swashes (680!) and alternate characters.

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Thanks Ryuk! Really cool monogram.
Thanks for yor lead on Bookmania. Do you have any other recommandations on cool script fonts or how to create swashes. Are they all handmade?

I'm trying to post on the ID-Board for days, but can't seem to get through. Internal server errors all the time. I've contacted Typophile, but no respons so far. Are you aware of any technical problems?

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Typophile website is a technical problem.

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Yes. I've sent several emails, but no response at all... it's frustrating.

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