TypeDNA (Best Font Manager?)

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Hi, I'm considering buying Fontmanager TypeDNA ( http://typedna.com/ ). Currently I'm using it on trial and love it.

Anyone here have greater choice for font manager or the best?

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What computer system are you using? Linotype's FontExplorer is (generally) well respected on the Mac OS side.

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I'm using PC/Win

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I'm on trial of font explorer, it seems like it lacks a lot of features that typeDNA has like harmony, find fonts according to weight, serif only etc etc.

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Does it say anywhere how it determines things like serif vs. sans, etc.? Fonts have the capability to have that information in the Panose area. Unfortunately, in a large percentage of fonts the Panose information is, to say the least, weak.

- Herb

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I'm not sure but it worked quite well. You can try it for 2 month(I think) and try it yourself. visit http://typedna.com/
As for the moment it gives me best experience. The font preview is sharp compared to others(to my eye). You can also access google webfont and activate the font directly. I tried FontXplorer and didnt like it, Still considering purchasing TypeDNA or not.

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According to the FAQ, it determines serif, etc by an analysis of the glyphs, not Panose info...

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