the beautiful unknown

Hi everybody,

can you identify these font for the "the" and the "gentleman's"

from the excellent Caleb Owen Everitt !

link :


Some solved I guess with this previous discussion.

thanks, you're right but the one that really interest me is "the". I love it.

"The" looks hand-drawn to me. Will try to find some substitutes.

For the /T/ in “The,” you might consider this…

My best picks, need to be tweaked though: Delicate, Natalya Monoline, So Prolix, Send Flowers, Memimas, VA-Script no.1, FF Schulschrift OTB Erstes Nor, Latinum no.1, Runaround Sue
Some lists compiled at Fontshop: Monolinear Casual Script and School Scripts

EDIT: great idea Nick! And nice swash!