Having trouble identifying this serif. Any help?

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I've been looking high and low but I can't seem to find a match. It appears to be Venetian/Garalde judging by the "E" but I could be wrong. The image is very low res so it's hard to tell if the bowel is disconnected on the "P" and what's going on with the upper serif of the "A". I'd appreciate any help identifying or at least getting close.

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Also, how do you edit a post? I guess this needs to be moved out of Solved IDs.

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Uh oh. Is this Times New Roman?

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I think you are right that this is possibly Times New Roman. I think the poor scan may have distorted the top of the A. The shape of the S and the N, as well as the E, are all indications of some variety of Times. TNR seems a bit narrower, maybe, than your sample, when you look at the N. Also the middle arm on the E seems heavier, but the overall shapes say Times.

- Mike Yanega

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