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What font is this? Thanks in advance!


There are at least four, and possibly as many as six different typefaces used in that image.

The large "BILLION" might be Poster Sans Bold.

"ONEBILLIONRISING" might be TwentiethCenturyMedium or a number of others. Not much unique there.

I couldn't find any font with that particular 'R' in the vertical "RISING", which is likely a condensed variety.

The resolution makes it difficult to determine if "FEBRUARY" and "STRIKE DANCE RISE!" are in the same face, but not condensed, as the vertical "RISING".

The numbers and the "V" in the flower could be from different faces again.

- Herb

"1 BILLION": no match but (more) very close, Cst Berlin East Bold (/N looks off), http://Champion Gothic (very close but /1 is off too and not rounded) and Garage Gothic Bold (squooshed but /1 is off). Something's bothering me though, the apparent slight irregularity of outlines, may be the result of post-treatment like emboldening/rounding treatment? May be starting with Univers Ultra Condensed Light or http://Champion Gothic and emboldening and rounding it could do the trick...
"14 2013": Univers Ultra Condensed Light
"ONEBILLIONRISING.ORG": most probably Avant-Garde Gothic
"FEBRUARY", "STRIKE DANCE RISE": could also be Univers Ultra Condensed
"RISING": close are http://Knockout and http://Champion Gothic (the closest I guess)