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Help ID a geometric sans serif from the 60s or 70s

Hello Experts--

Can anyone help me ID the font in this album cover.

Thanks in advance!



The QBF catalog lists it as Dempsey Bold.

Thanks very much, Atwe.

Forgive my ignorance, but what's the QBF Catalog? Is it available online?

I tried Google-ing "Dempsey Bold" but it didn't really pan out. I'll keep looking, though!

The Phil's Photo catalog (phototype) called it Dempsey Medium. The only other digital version I'm aware of is Thomas E. Harvey's 'JoeLouis'. That was from 1992 and may be tricky to find. It also uses what was Dempsey's alternate 'S', which is different from the default 'S' in your image.

Kevo: QBF is short for The Quick Brown Fox Co., was a company distributing photolettering typefaces, I have one of their catalogs, it's a good resource for identifying typefaces from before the computer era.

Thank you Mike and Tamas! You've been a great help!