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Help Identifying a Logo Font and Also Tagline Font

Hi everyone,

I'd appreciate a little help if possible.

I'm looking to match the font in this logo and also in the tagline.


It's the CarbSmart Logo and tagline.

Your help is greatly appreciated!


Thanks so much! How did you get the CarbSmart to italicize with the "a" in its present form?

On fonts.com, Fertigo Regular has the correct "a". But it's upright without a slant.

If I use Fertigo Italicized, the "a" shifts" to having only 1 level.

Also, do you have any idea about the tagline font? Is it Corbel Italic, do you think?

Thank you SOOO much for your help. I spent all day trying to figure out this font!

(Do you think they used Fertigo Regular and then applied the Shear Tool in AI? To do a fake italics?)


Dick, how come the URLs in your posts are not clickable links?

Renaissance Man thanks for the confirmation! That's what I figured - the designer used Fertigo Regular and added a manual skew to the font.

Thanks so much for your help and that of DPape!


And the tagline is definitely Corbel Italic! Yippee!


Fertigo [Pro] Regular is free.
Fertigo Pro Italic is $15.
Pay the $15; slanted regular is not italic.