ID Font

Help me ID both fonts. Thanks


"THAT JUST DOESN'T LOOK": most probably one of the [[|Sign Painter fonts by House Industries]] (Brush, Script or Slant)
"(PR?)€MIUM": even if I can't be 100% positive it could be the same font, I was simply unable to find a match. I'm not even sure /€ is original (done with a /C with 2 additional horizontal strokes?). Don't even know either if it is originally rounded and/or roughened... You could also try to reconstruct the all thing starting from [[|Univers]] (Ultra Condensed). Your best chance is, if you know the sample origin, to contact directly the designer in charge of this design. Anyway, some very loosely similars: [[|Pewter]], [[|9]], [[|Coldsmith]], [[|Mocha Mattari]]

"PREMIUM" could be a customized [[|Univers Ultra Condensed (Light)]]
using |C| to construct |E|

I found it using Find my Font -

Thanks a lot!