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ID Font

Help me ID both fonts. Thanks


"THAT JUST DOESN'T LOOK": most probably one of the Sign Painter fonts by House Industries (Brush, Script or Slant)
"(PR?)€MIUM": even if I can't be 100% positive it could be the same font, I was simply unable to find a match. I'm not even sure /€ is original (done with a /C with 2 additional horizontal strokes?). Don't even know either if it is originally rounded and/or roughened... You could also try to reconstruct the all thing starting from Univers (Ultra Condensed). Your best chance is, if you know the sample origin, to contact directly the designer in charge of this design. Anyway, some very loosely similars: Pewter, 9, Coldsmith, Mocha Mattari

"PREMIUM" could be a customized http://Univers Ultra Condensed (Light)
using |C| to construct |E|

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

Thanks a lot!