eulogie after mention of mohammad

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I am trying to add the following to a Text in InDesign. (see vector graphic).

I thought about creating a glyph out of it. Is that the way to do it?

I do not own a Font-Design software myself. Can anyone point me to either a font that has it already in its glyphs or help me out with a freeware software to use for this?


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U may use this glyph from Adobe Naskh font released with InDesign CS6.

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Cool, good to know that there is a glyph. I assume that there is also a glyph for the eulogie added after the mention of allah?
I own an earlier version of InDesign, so I do not yet have access to the font. I might come back with more questions once I have the font.
Thanks for your help,

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This glyph is standard in many Arabic fonts, including all Linotype's Arabic OpenType fonts. It is also in Microsoft's 'Arabic Typesetting' font, and in Adobe Arabic. The Linotype and Adobe Arabic fonts contain both Arab and Persian forms.

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since I cannot read arabic, could you give me the numeric code that corresponds to that glyph?

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> The Linotype and Adobe Arabic fonts contain both Arab and Persian forms?!

Designed to cause sedition among Arab & Persian Muslims?!

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No. Designed to reflect distinct scribal traditions.

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