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Hi all!

Did you know that GlobalType is the world’s largest collection of historic typefaces? Almost complete for the 19th and 20th century (til ~ 1970) and before? Available online since 2004? Thanks to the acribic work of Mr. Hans Reichardt from Linotype who allowed me to publish his typeface stock?

We de not compare with the commercial typeface collections like myfonts or Fontshop that you need for your daily business. We will never sell fonts. GlobalType is meant as a resource for research, inspiration and education. We’ve got 91,076 typeface names, 2348 type designers and 1047 foundries – by now. Combined with ~ 4,000 sample pictures out of the German type specimen “Seemann”, it is possible to get an idea of what these typefaces look like, although the sample is mostly a simple “Hamburg”. For example, you will find 840 different “Garamonds”.

The collection includes typefaces from Europe, America, Asia and Australia. The basis has been the standard references (Seemann: Handbuch der Schriftarten 1926, with supplementations through 1939, Jaspert/Berry/Johnson: The Encyclopaedia of Typefaces 1970, and Mac McGrew, American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century 1995).

For those of you who didn’t know yet about GlobalType, here’s the entrance:

Searching for typefaces

How-to for the effective use of the Search menu

Description of the “Seemann” type specimen

The “Onion Model”

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Wow, Lars: what an incredible resource! Obviously, a lot of effort—and love—has gone into this project. Your workflow—from my point of view—in a most sensible one, and your Onion Model is an interesting concept, also.

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Lars, great idea posting here too.


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Not to be negative but it still needs a little work. The warning notification pop ups are still all in German. And you have 4000 picture of "Seemann" (hilarious by the way), but when I type "Seemann" into the search it doesn't find anything. All in all, great idea though, Bravo!

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Lars, Very good resource. Thank you!

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@ Ryan: The so-called "Seemann" has not been a type desiger, that's the reason why you don't find a person of this name in the database. It is a book from 1929, containing the typefaces available at that time. Here is a description:

The Seemann type specimen

The error messages will disappear when our minor release will be finished in ~ two weeks. Please try another browser instead of Opera* in the meanwhile.

* Opera works well on Linux, but not on Windows.

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