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French Chic

I came across this photo online and have been dying to know what the font is that reads "French Chic". It looks quite similar to Carisma Light, but I know some characters have either been modified or this is custom lettered... or another font altogether! Please help.


If I clearly remember, this sample comes from the Russian issue of Harper's Bazaar Magazine. Previously asked here and here but still unsolved. As most of fashion magazines, it could be a bespoke typeface exclusively designed for the magazine.
From one of the above page, you could get various suggestions for "ultra thin constrated sans" in the same style as your sample.
My selection: Stark Debonair (digitized and freely available as Retro Super Skinny), Penny Bee (never digitized), Cotoris (closest /R I have), Fine, Vanitas, Seaside, Sang Bleu, Minerva, Gill New Antique (could be a good one to customize), Contax Sans, Patriciana