Metrics windows string and glyph mapping issues

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Hey guys,
I again ran into a small issue and have no idea how to resolve it.
In the metrics windows when I enter the percent character into the input string panel, I am not getting the display. I am getting it only when I enter it as /percent
Any idea how to rectify this?
PFA image for more details


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This is a very old problem. Some older FontLab distributions were missing an entry in the Standard.nam file. on a PC, you can find the file in c:\Program Files\Common Files\FontLab\Mapping\

Edit the file and insert the line
0x0025 percent
0x0024 dollar
0x0026 ampersand

The line may be missing in other .nam files in that same folder (Mapping)

Is this the same font you're having the icon problem with?

- Herb

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Could this be done with non-Latin characters (which can't be typed directly into FontLab even if the correct keyboard is selected in the OS)?


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@HVB yes this is the same font and thanks for the reply

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@hrant - I don't see why not. It's a simple text file. How it displays in FontLab's windows and dialog boxes may be a function of what font is being used by FontLab to display text etc.

- Herb

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