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Infusionsoft logo header font

Hello, please help me identify the font of the text of the Infusionsoft logo.
I think that the green text and gray text are in different fonts...
I tried many font id services, but nothing specific came up. Here is the image:

Thank you in advance!


The logo would appear to be a customized reworking of Lucida Sans, used only for the logo. Theire other materials use Lucida Sans. What you see as two different fonts are different weights of the same custom design.

- Herb

looks like a squashed and bastardized version of klavika. def not lucida.

Thank you, guys! I think that this is definitely not lucida sans. However, managed to find some very similar/if not the same characters with Karat Medium, ITC Kabel Standart, some others installed on my laptop.

I am in the graphics business for about 10 years and this is my first font request, so I am thankful to anyone.

Hi, folks.

We had the font specifically customized for our use and can not be reproduced with any current fonts available today. For the purpose of printing and publishing, we are happy to supply necessary vector-based graphics upon request.

You may download a CMYK-based PDF version of our logo here:

Joseph Manna, Infusionsoft

Joseph, thanks for dropping in. Is the logo just vectors or did you actually produce a working custom font based on an existing font?


Joseph, thank you for your kindly provided file. It won't be used in any commercial or non-commercial way, was just curious.

Best regards!